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Ingrid Crawford - Environmental Photographer

   I went to the London College of Printing in the 1980's . My inspiration for my photography was people like Don McCullen and Dorothea Lange. (the american dust bowl).

   My dad was a journalist for the Sunday Times newspaper in the 70's. He was quite outspoken. We liked to debate about capitalism. I always felt a strong sense of social justice.

   I was always interested in seeking "Culture". People who had a cultural identity. I ended up travelling to India and South America. In Mexico I met a man who had a profound influence on me . I moved to North America to live with him, to a small eco community in the hills of Washington State. This is where I was introduced to the "Alternative Movement". People who resisted the mainstream culture and set up their own individual communities. These were people who had a real conscience about the Earth.

   On returning to England 3 years later I landed straight into the middle of the environmental movement that swept the country throughout the 1990's.

   Since then I had a child and settled down. I have always grown food in my local allotment, but also continued my photo journalism of recording all the sustainable projects I heard about. I loved small "funky", rustic housing. It is so possible to live in tiny houses. When did we get the notion all housing had to contain so many rooms?

   Some are small clusters of people who are willing to to go through uncertainty till they can get the planning permission to build. Moving from caravans to build small roundhouses or various shapes of wooden houses. Some of the centres I have visited are offering workshops in healing or Spiritual development. Some have courses in communication skills and work in the local schools and prisons. There is a huge variety of people working under the surface to bring about the change we need to see in this world.

   I especially like to focus on areas where people choose to grow food or educate children in how to care for the environment . The children are our future! and we need to learn how to build houses, grow food and how to cope in this climate with climate change, access our own electricity, etc. We can't remain totally dependent on the system, especially poor people. There will come a time where it wont take care of us!

   In following the "normal" direction this society is heading we are losing touch with our "Soul".


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