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Ingrid Crawford

     In .. 1989 I was introduced to a man named Moon, who lived in a Community in the North western United States. He set me on this path of finding genuine, more connected people, who knew the Earth.

There they grew lots of their own food and knew how to store it in the winter in a 'root cellar' underground.  The people had arrived on a wave 'Back to the Land  movement' which started in the 1970's. Through living with 'Moon' I learnt about harvesting food, drying and bottling fruit and spending spare time making things. The Crafts they made were beautiful and once a year they traded them for fruit, or new ironware or a winters supply of flour. The things they made were buckskin clothes and boots, tanned sheep hides, and beaded bags. I felt part of a ' Nature People ' who found going back to the earth was a to remedy to this fast, stressed world we live in today.

When I returned to England I became involved in a mass environmental movement that swept the country, mainly reclaiming our ' Tribal roots' and our rights of access to 'The Land'. It was aimed at obstructing new Roads through our beautiful and ancient Land.

Later I became involved in the 'Brides Yard' co-operative, Glastonbury which ran a 'home schooling' project, an organic wholefoods co-op and  a crafts collective. Building a community for ourselves as parents and single people. 

More recently I joined a local Permaculture project where I worked , helping to grow food on organic sustainable land initiative.


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